Gluten free don’t have to be hard

The new issue of the Swedish Magazine Glutenfri Matlust is out in stores now. I founded the magazine back in 2014 and this issue is the first without me as the editor in chief. It feels a bit odd to see something that you created go on and live its own life but it was time for the both of us to move on to new adventures.

However I still make some recipes for the magazine and this one that is a super easy ramen soup is one of them.

I wanted to create a recipe that would be a full lunch but would be super easy to put together.

I used kelp noodles that you don’t have to boil and paired them with some precooked chicken, some kimchi and some pak choi. Then I created a broth by cooking water with some gluten free soy sauce and some of the liquids of the kimchi. I sprinkled some sesame seeds on top and it didn’t take more than five minutes.

This will probably be the type of lunches I will have a lot of in the near future because I have some seriously interesting projects to focus on ahead, but more on that later…

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