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Gluten free don’t have to be hard
The new issue of the Swedish Magazine Glutenfri Matlust is out in stores now. I founded the magazine back in 2014 and this issue is the first without me as the editor in chief. It feels a bit odd to see something that you created go on and live its own life but it was time for the both of us to move on to new adventures...


Together one of Sweden's most popular personal trainers Olga Rönnberg I help women find their way to healthy habits and a healthy body, in Olga's Amazing programme PT Online I also write articles for her online magazine 


Malins latest book Baka Glutenfritt –Matbröd och söta favoriter came out in may 2018 in Swedish.
Malin is a cookbook writer. Her book Roten till allt gott (the root of all good) is a book about rootvegetables, it has been translated into German.


Malin is the founder and have been the editor in chief for many years to the magazine Glutenfri Matlust (Egmont Publishing). It is a gluten free magazine with focus on healthy living.

about me

I’m a born foodie. Some of my first memories is from sitting in the kitchen, only a few years old, eating raw onions. I learned to cook as a child and when my family moved to a self-sustained farm I took charge over the kitchen and the veggie patch. My love for good produce and food cooked from scratch is deeply rooted in me and is always the base of every job I do.

I am a registered dietitian so health is another backbone in my work. My view on health is that it needs to include all parts of your life and that food is supposed to bring us joy as well as nutrients.

One of my core beliefs are that a lot of the challenges we face with food these days, such as health- and environmental issues, can be solved if we cook more food from scratch and used a lot of fresh good produce to do so.

Therefor my mission is to help as many people as possible to come in closer contact to real food.   

work with me

I have a team of food creatives such as photographers, writers, receptive creators and more. Together we can help you convey your food message to your clients.

commercial food content

We provide inspiring, healthy food content such as recipes, food images, content for social media and blogs and more. We adapt our content to your brand so that your message will come across.  

food media

We create food related media and entertainment such as books, magazines, radio, and video for media businesses   

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